Chess Divas by Juga

Juga blends with mastery music, chess and glamour in her latest project CHESS DIVAS.

A performatic concert celebrating the most legendary singers and women chess champions in history.  

Along with Hungarian pianist Lakatos Laszlo, classic diva songs

from the 20´s - 60´s in more than 7  languages, are gracefully choreographed onstage with epic chess combinations by Judit Polgar, Nona Gaprindashvili, Vera Menchik, Xie Jun...


jJuga is a conceptual chess artist.

originally from chile, she graduated from music composing in 2007, 

and has released and co-produced 3 albums with her songs.


Her first chess song, “Oh Capablanca” was warmly 

received by the Chess community worldwide, and is considered by many Chess advocates as the best Chess Song Ever written. 

Her chess music videos received gold and silver medals 

at Film Olympiad Festival 2021


Juga has presented her chess songs at top venues 

including Altibox Norway Chess,  World Chess Championship in London, European Golden Pawn Awards in Monte Carlo, 

Batumi Chess Olympiad and World Expo Dubai.


Juga has created various theatrical shows, among them Juga di Piaf,

revisiting Édith Piaf´s répertoire, with success in latin america

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Puntos de conexión


A sophisticated song selection 

from classic divas like Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf, Maria Callas,

Billie Holiday, Carmen Miranda, Oum Kalthoum, Amalia Rodrigues, Libertad Lamarque...

as well as Juga´s own acclaimed Chess songs in English.